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Originally written for the fma_fic_contest prompt "Cat."
He hasn’t been given a rank, yet, but he is definitely part of the pack, I mean team.
FMA does not belong to me in any way, shape, or form.


He enjoyed it when Ma took him to visit the rest of the pack, even if it reminded him that Ma was Beta and not Alpha.Read more...Collapse )

This was originally written for the fma_fic_contest Prompt 235 "Smile."
Characters/Pairings: Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye
Summary: Roy had never thought that his nightmares could get any worse.
Warnings: Spoilers if you haven’t seen FMA:B episode 64. References to earlier violence found in FMA:B and the manga.
Disclaimer: Ownership of FMA is on my wish list.

He wakes up gasping. Disoriented. Silently cursing.Read more...Collapse )

Originally posted by ssadropout at Prompt 231- Lead- A Tender Transmutation

Title: A Tender Transmutation
Author: ssadropout
Series: Could be any, but I think of this as taking place sometime before the tachi get split up in the manga or FMA:B.
Word Count:  248
Rating: G
Characters: Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye
Summary: Riza is a little down in the dumps. Roy can’t let that continue.
A/N: When I saw the prompt, I immediately thought of lead the element and bullets. Hours later, I realized that it could mean the verb, too. Bad brain! Also, Roy angrily snapped at the word count to no avail. Plus, he threatened to snap at me if I claimed that FMA was mine.

I absolutely love this banner by sonjajade

Their last assignment had been messy and depressing with a minor injury to a civilian.Read more...Collapse )


Many thanks to ladynorbert for my wonderful banner!

This was originally written for fma_fic_contest pronpt "Wedding." You know that FMA is not mine!
Summary: Roy reflects on things as he prepares for Maes's wedding.
Warning: Tragic irony

Roy Mustang checked his hair yet again. Despite the liberal use of pomade, the one lock in the middle of his forehead insisted on falling in his face. Read more...Collapse )

Characters: Riza- with Roy and Maes in her brain
Summary: Too many little girls still expect fairy tale lives. That’s because they don’t hear the original Grimm versions.
Warnings: Takes place in Ishval. That should be warning enough.

Pyut Pyut.
Read more...Collapse )

A/N- This is for stephs86_br who is my beta but did not receive this to beta. I just wrote this in a rush and wanted to get it out for Royai Day, which I did on FF.net, at least. It’s a sequel to another fic called Disappointed.

Disappointed was a very dark and depressing Roy death fic. The idea behind it was that Roy died, ignominiously drunk from a petty crime, instead of as a hero. Steph’s convinced me that Disappointed should be a close to death fic and not a death fic. So, happy RoyAi, Steph’s!

“Here! I’ve found him. He’s alive, but…” It was Havoc’s distraught voice she heard. Her hearing was nearly as sharp as her sight, so she began to run toward the sound. Her legs and arms felt heavy and slow, as if she were under water. But she got there right after Fuery, who was already calling an ambulance on his portable equipment.Read more...Collapse )

Warnings: The act referred to was done under controlled (animated) conditions. Do not try it at home! Also, beware of one cuss word and a largish plot hole.
Summary: Someone has played a trick on Roy.

I don’t even own FMA in any of the infinite alternate universes.

He should have locked the door to his inner sanctum.

So what if he’d nodded off a little at his desk? He’d been up all night doing painstaking alchemical research.
So what has happened to Roy? Collapse )of his office by tying his shoelaces together.

Perfect Banner by Lady Norbert

Summary: What if two characters flipped personality traits and nobody noticed?
Thank Arakawa for the characters and the personality traits!
Perfect banner by Lady Norbert.


Mustang was beyond annoyed with the little pest.Read more...Collapse )

A/N- This was originally written for fma_fic_contest's Prompt 180- Erectile Dysfuction. The word limit was ... limiting. So, out of every fic that I have ever written for the contest, this is the one that I chose to, umm, expand.
You know that I have no claim whatsoever on FMA. Right?

Having been deemed “least likely to be corrupted,” Fuery became the Keeper of Wagers when Falman decided to remain at Briggs.Read more...Collapse )

This was originally written for the fma_fic_contest Prompt 176 Arrogance back in July 2012.


Title: Disappointed
Author: ssadropout
Series: A/U (Takes place after any series.)
Word Count: 385
Rating: Teen
Characters: Roy Mustang
Summary: He’d expected something much more appealing than what he ended up with.
Warnings: Language. Mention of bodily functions and fluids.

Common wisdom advises that a person can’t smell his own stink.

Read more...Collapse )

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